Hello. I’m Kerry Kim of studio “KERRY”
Studio “KERRY” is a product and interior design studio created in 2016 by me. It is based in Seoul, South Korea and focuses mainly on eco-design and recycling. I believe that mother nature has similar characteristic with art. It has a power that can’t be easily defined. It makes me comfort and happy. It affects me in many ways for my creations. After I graduated from SADI(Samsung Art Design Institute), I started my design career as a product designer. I worked for five months in Manufacturer, and I did brochure cradle project for KOOKMIN bank, a smart device project and other projects as a freelancer. Recently, I am doing personal projects, but I want to work with diverse people rather than working personally. I want to communicate and work with designers from all over the world. I would like to do my best with passion for your company. I look forward to your contact. Thank you.

Regards. Kerry Kim